Sunday, November 2, 2014

A note from the Publisher

LadyBee Publishing is located in South-east Saskatchewan, the heart of Canada's Prairieland. The company was launched a year ago with a clear and simple mission statement. Our goal was, and is, to showcase the brightest talents we can find, authors who know that this is a business - and a tough one - but who are driven by creativity and passion!

As a publisher, it is always a pleasure for me to work with authors who know what it takes to build a readership, and then work consistently toward that goal. This is not a kind business, and anyone who thinks this is a get rich quick idea needs to re-think that and fast.

We publish for children and young adults, and we are open to every appropriate genre. It is my firm belief that instilling a love of reading in our children is one of the very best gifts we can give them. A best-seller for me is a book that actually stimulates the imagination and makes me want to read more about those characters, or come away with some newfound emotional experience or understanding. A great book not only entertains, it also passes along life lessons.

If you believe you have a book that will be of interest to us, please visit our website and check out our submissions guidelines, clearly visible on the main menu.

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